by Jack Dump

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This is an album about mistakes, misogyny, white supremacy, pedophile priests, heroin, insurance fraud, religious zealotry, gang warfare, mediocrity, apocalypses, bedbugs, the global elite, transphobia, seaborne illness, controlling the means of production, homicide, anal sex, heart attacks, weird meat, amphetamines, small businesses, accidental pregnancy, gentrification, bulimia, compensating for gayness, lipids, bad foreign policy, death, armchair activism, manifest destiny, desolation, rural dread, boredom, dismemberment, fake hospitality, oil pipelines, settling for less, the criminal underground, bestiality, malevolent gods, cock and ball torture, impatience, cults, semen, racism, corruption, late stage Capitalism, mental illness, dying animals and hope.


released March 22, 2017

Jack Dump - Everything




Jack Dump Toronto, Ontario

Jack Dump ascends into Rainbow Jackson, the caustic Demiurge.

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Track Name: Maine (The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
Track Name: New Hampshire (Jimmie)
Jimmie’s off on Saturday night he’s got his stereo
Skipping rocks and dreaming of his best gal in Ontario
She’s trying to evade the psychic pressure from Jimmie and she
Thinking that the simian city is what’s insidious and
Desperate for an answer
She ups and fucks a dancer
It’s looking like ol’ Jimmie is shit outta luck

Jimmies goes to meet her on the weekend the frequency of which
Is not enough to delete the obsequiousness
She stumbles to remind herself that she doesn’t love him
And to rip the Band-Aid off but Jimmie’s above it
‘Cause Jimmie’s codependence
Will not let him end this
So he locks her in the trunk of his Civic

So I guess it turn out Jimmie is a murderous sociopath
And looking for a reason to decree that she owes him his wraths
And infidelity is just the ticket for justification
Suffocation patience Novocaine and negotiation
With God he’ll strike with lightning
And I can give up fighting
But that doesn’t happen it gets in the news
Track Name: Vermont (White People)
White people, don’t know if they’re the
Right people for this mission. They make me wanna
Fight people, which leads me to a
Sight people, circumcision. The funky ways of

White people. Believing they’re the
Light people of this nation, discriminating
Height people. Cause they just want to
Spite people’s immigration. I know that if I

Try to diminish all these honkies,
Then they’ll try to hunt my family down.
But whitey slinks around like fucking zombies
In this God forsaken town. Fucking

White people. It seems they want to
Bite people, make ‘em whiter, Get higher than a
Kite people. The only way that
Trite people use their lighter. My e ffervescent

White people. They’re trying to in-
Dict people for their freedom. A holy fucking
Blight people. Cause if there was no
White people, who would need ‘em? These stupid fucking

White people.
Track Name: Massachusetts (Father Chad)
Father Chad was a very good lad
But the seminary broke his anus in
He’s a Harvard man with a decadent gland
And a penchant for a shot of Jameson

He should’ve given up
He should’ve gone away
But from his own abuse
He decided that he should stay

Talking Father Mike had a very nice wife
That he’s leaving to pursue divinity
Thinking now’s the time for examined minds
To be pedophiles for infinity

There’s a difference ‘tween assaults they’re doing and real sin
‘Cause they’re teeming with the holy spirit they’re gonna win
They’re a force for parish prostitutes to open young mouths
‘Cause the vulnerable are nothing but deplorable cows

Now it’s Father Chad and the Boston Globe and a
Ton of angry parents and media
All the finger pointing soul anointing
Editors of Wikipedia
Track Name: Rhode Island (Downers)
Down down down down down down downers
Own own own own own own owners
Up up up up up up uppers
Bone bone bone bone bone bone boners

Economy’s in joyous freefall
Down down down down down down downers
Let the city eat itself
Kill the rich and loot the wealth
Maybe I’ll just sleep instead
Yes… sleep

Down down down down down down downers
Kill kill kill kill kill kill killers
Frown frown frown frown frown frown frowners
Fill fill fill fill fill fill Phyllis
Track Name: Connecticut (Insurance Bros Part 1)
I’ve got these bottles of clear orange plastic making
Time and a half seem like time is a thundercunt
I’m getting documents notarized every time
All of my life is a luminous wondercunt

Railing Xanax on the Xerox
Researching this claim of Smallpox
Go back to my boring family
Set fire to my boring family
Make it look electrical so I can falsely grieve
And rake in their policies

I’m in Aruba with all my accomplices
Knocking back rum as we contemplate dignity
Go to the hotel and pay for the prostitute
To say the things that my wife used to say to me
Track Name: New York (Kiryas Joel)
Kiryas Joel Kiryas Joel
Trying to define the four pillars of Hell
Schmata ladies trudge with a doomed point of view
‘Cause Kiryas Joel is a bastion for Jews
Track Name: New Jersey (Bowels)
Outside the Campbell’s factory there lies
A little boy, who’s barely six years old. Years old.
Three bullets in new body cavities.
He’s bleeding out, without someone to hold. To hold. Oh,

Mother whispers to the policeman,
Find his killer like the police can
But of course the murderer’s big plan
Involves police bribery too

A midnight vigil interrupted by
A hail of shots caressing mother’s blouse. Her blouse!
She runs away and curries shelter in
The dank remains of old Walt Whitman’s house. His house has

Claw marks on the side of the drainpipe
Left there by some sort of deranged type
Leaking from the crystalline bowels of
Spirits lost to ignorant ones

There is no doubt Christ has abandoned us,
Because the Delaware has turned to red. The reds are here.
Track Name: Delaware (Adequate Song)
Adequate song for adequate people
Stab you in the back it’s the adequate people
Adequate song for adequate people
Track Name: Pennsylvania (George Romero)
I’ve got a feeling that the bonds that hold us are a fragile mess at best
And if this luxury that pacifies us were to disappear I fear
That cannibals would reign
With only meat to gain
We’re done with all out shopping now let’s eat the victim’s brain

Old George Romero
Predicted all this from Steeltown bricks while filming
Old Mr. Rogers
Whose cardigan frayed he died long ago Romero

Those fantasies of lawless and rugged purpose are so cool they rule
I wish the storm clouds and tsunamis and Hell viruses would strike I’d like
To only have on thought
Survive the Holocaust
With that sense of direction I could never be so lost
Track Name: Maryland (Flat Children)
Flat children suckle at teats they made themselves
And suck the red milk from the holy flesh as it swells
Now inflammation can nourish them
Their future’s set ‘cause of me
My species will yield to the sons of the fabric

They burrow their skulls into makeshift mammaries
Across the bodies of the kindly pink coloured seas
Oh mothers are not everlasting
But I know I’ll always be true
The mewling of millions of mouths of my babies and you
Track Name: Virginia (Illuminati Warlocks)
Severing the goat’s head endeavoring the beverage of
Blood with a thud goes the average cadaver
Simpering victim whimper in the sick sins
Thick skins lathering the kin of Dan Rather
Forming a society of piety and virtue they search you
Pariahs tease varieties of hirsute
Curt Jews in fursuits insert glue in her shoes
And issues of misuse miss you ass bliss swoons
Laughing like a little bitch fishing for that candle wax
Wishing for a situation like the kitsch of Cinemax
Kitchens of the rick flipping syntax flapjacks
Bring back flat tax sipping on the sad facts
Class acts of clap back
Lapsed Catholics and fat black hat racks
Track slackers like housecats trap rats
No caskets for crack bats

I’m alone I’m alone and the only telephone
In the zone is an elephant bone
That’s irrelevant celibate skeletons of cellophane
Feign elegance and a brain for intelligence
Elevate fate which is great for the hell of it
Delegates hate when the pelican fellowship
Rips a wet strip of pink slips and double dips
Crips and crimson lips of the little clits
Christen the Krishna clips competition
With fission’s efficient rich circumcision
Decisions of the scissor vision Syzygies and missions
Of division and derision in the prison tuition
It’s like we’re on a manhunt
Oh shit we’re on a manhunt
I’m tryna get that man cunt
And smoke it on that man blunt
Track Name: North Carolina (New South)
We don’t hate the queers
We just hate transsexuals
Okay we hate the queers
And most intellectuals

Making the south European
Taking the pity of meanin’
No more bathrooms
They’re confusing us

The legislature
Upholds our most righteous whims
Protecting the brood
Our progeny’s virgin quims

The pedo will use his disguises
Or so the preacher advises
Sickening perverts
Don’t deserve our love
Track Name: South Carolina (Standing by the Shitty Sea)
Vomit on the pier as the salty air
Combines with the seagull splattered
Wood touched with mould
Little spores in the spinal cavity roost

Eggs of fungal life bequeath
The world underneath
The billowing refrain’s infection

Spread throughout the flesh into
Walls and orifices with purple
In your veins you won’t drown
But you might meet a friendly octopusman
Track Name: Georgia (Dandy)
A dandy day for serious itching
A dandy day for hemorrhoid fishing
A dandy year for pregnancy’s rapture
A dandy year for immigrant’s capture

Use the proletarian social scum for your ends and
Oversee the Holocaust you’re the boss let’s get lost oh

A dandy life for human resources
A dandy life for diligent horses
A dandy death for fathers of seven
A dandy death for idiot heaven
Track Name: Florida (Dead Girls)
Too many dead girls in New York and Tampa
At Walgreen’s the dead girls will hand out free samples

Marking the pathos and suckling the ash tit
The dead girls with grey teeth will give us examples

Hide the bodies
Shit the cops

All of these dead girls are cramping my style
They’re dead weight though maybe it’s not such a burden

I can be more than a cipher for tragedy
Hopefully dead girls are just as uncertain
Track Name: Alabama (My Meat Tulip Blooms For You)
When I’m up
When I’m down
When ensconced in a field of brown
It’s the flaring intestines
My meat tulip blooms for you

When I’m red
When I’m blue
When I’m sick with an amorous flu
When there’s no doubt about it
My meat tulip blooms for you

All the poppers I’m poppin’ for you to be my friend tonight in the bush
Give me one more reason for another push
Up in there’s no despair
Be aware of the fare
That I charge for my boypussy to care

When I’m high
When I’m low
When my tendrils have told me to blow
It’s the charming jejunum
My meat tulip blooms for you

When I’m bad
When I’m good
When I walk through the old neighborhood
When there’s no doubt about it
My meat tulip blooms for you
Track Name: Tennessee (Palpitations)
Left arm feeling very numb
Children shrieking as my body goes down
And suddenly the clientele have a frown
Today was not the day
To go to Burger King where a fat piece of shit cardiacs like a bitch

Ambulance is double wide
Useful for shoving my fat corpse inside
I shat my pants it’s lucky I have no pride
They fill me with some drugs
Energy enters me I’m a beast I’m a man I’m a god I’m a turd

Morning at the hospital
Fourth time this year I’ve been to the E.R.
And my insurance premiums go so far
I’ll have to rob a bank
‘Cause I’m broke woe is me get a gun pay the fee get destroyed by the guards
Track Name: Kentucky (Horse Meat)
Horse meat with a bourbon please
Former mediocrities
Liquefy inside my gut
And I poop them out
There’s no Secretariat
For that one we buried it
But the lesser specimens
Make sure I get gout

Jealous of the animals
They have no secrets
Fired fleshy cannonballs
With some deep freeze grits
Chickens with their heads cut off
Running in circles
Let’s get all those depends off
‘Cause I shat purple

Horse meat give me energy
Races are just anarchy
Churchill Downs Andromedas
Breaking equine knees
Give it up and tamp it down
Satan weats the triple crown
Mint Juleps and sacred Baal
Helping me with sleaze
Track Name: West Virginia (Meth)
I’m a worm on the edge of survival
Salty hairs like a ragged halo
Thrust their way through a bitter circumference
My vision cast in crooked dayglo

Simple folks cower at my presence
I’m a company man in a company town
They kiss my ring ‘cause I buy them sneakers
Picking up Sudafed off of the ground


I’ve got kids in seven counties
Suckling from the tweaker teet
My shaved head and my sawed shotgun
Signifies that I am elite

I’m a king in a desperate province
Boredom can be a thing of the past
‘Cause I see inherent value
In exploiting the lower class
Track Name: Ohio (Little White Fruits of the Mouth)
Central Ohio is beautiful
Just kidding it’s a
Wasteland of camouflage baby clothes
Your baby can blend in with the woods

It’s the salt of the earth here
Domestic assault notwithstanding
Travel out to the Meth lab
You’ll see the truth lies between my brother’s

Teeth are commodities
Because of their relative rarity
So I punch kids collecting
The little white fruits of the mouth

And I sell it Shiloh
He’s a guy that I know from elementary school
He’s got his very own business
As a teeth wholesaler in Columbus what an entrepreneur
Track Name: Indiana (Condoms Will Break)
Condoms will break
Condoms will break
‘Cause you know sometimes shit happens
So condoms will break

Birth control is nowhere to be found
Abortion doesn’t make a sound
We can’t give a baby to the pound

Notre Dame has many accidents
You’d think a pill would not make sense
‘Cause of infertility’s pretense

Growing inside like a parasite
And leeching my electrolytes
Kick inside the womb and feel its bites

Tearing up my pussy like a bear
It doesn’t look the same down there
Fuck this baby I choose not to care
Track Name: Michigan (Frontier)
Open your eyes
It’s just a new frontier to gentrify
Pack up your bags and we’ll steal Detroit
Making sure we snap up the cheap property
Like rats

New colonies
A termite hive for hipster centipedes
Burrowing into the skin of dregs
Opening vegan muffin shops in the hood
Like rats

Alleyway blues
I bought some molly of some locals at school
I helped their basketball team go to the cup
Courtside sweatin’ with molly

Cheering them on
And buying up their family businesses too
And hopefully they’ll move to Kalamazoo
Courtside chillin’ with auntie

Into Dearborn
Evict the Arabs and make kiddie porn
Right in the mosque where their God failed them
We can sell to the motor industry suits
Like rats

Dressing the set
I’m clad I haven’t met the talent yet
I get so nervous at formal gigs
Passionate scenes are why I moved to the ‘burbs
Like rats

Breaking the door
Police are raiding my new grocery store
It’s kinda like Whole Foods, but it’s kinda not
You know we do organic

Hot USBs
Containing images of sick fantasies
A list of clients and their preferences
You know it’s all organic

I go to jail
And every now and then I get some mail
Telling me I’m a philanthropist
Carving a path for condominium life
Like rats
Track Name: Wisconsin (Legendary Teens)
I’m not pretty enough I ate too much cheese
By the porcelain bowl I’m down on my knees
Purging my guts just like those sluts
Who pretend that I’m special but I’m not

Skinny like those dumb bitches who’re on TV
It seems like there’s a girly conspiracy
To make me sad just ‘cause I had
A whole tub of ice cream and some Crisco

Legendary teens on the cover of a magazine
Having sex with a boy band while I masturbate
To my face on their useless bodies
Legendary Teens stupid cunt Midwestern beauty queens
I hate them ‘cause I want some titties that I flaunt
For occasions like prom in a week

Cut myself as I listen to their records
And imagine I’m striking with two by fours
Right to the dome when I get home
I will eat this Dorito casserole

And I cry and I fart and inhale the shame
All my friends in Milwaukee are just the same
Lettin’ it out shovellin’ in all the carbs
That depletes their depression
Track Name: Illinois (Brother Chad)
Midnight has come for the army of men
They’re cruising on the boulevard for pussy again
The soullessness embodied by their moral decay
It’s executed for their peers to know they’re not gay

And he’s a brother Chad
And he’s so very sad
And he’s so awfully crude
‘Cause he don’t want his friends to know he fucks dudes

Closted wonders enjoy MMA
It lets them know that men touching is kinda OK
Oh sure it’s only violence that allows them to feel
But pain is what they’re used to for exposing what’s real
Track Name: Missouri (Lard)
It’s 82 percent of all I’ve ever known
I’m talking

Fat is for my loving family
Keep them fed and keep them sedentary
Track Name: Arkansas (Bill Clinton)
Gimme some of that Bill Clinton
Gimme some of that Richard Nixon
Gimme some of that Homer Simpson
Gimme some of that jurisdiction

Over people in third world countries
Under lock and key for all our sundries
Selling dung to the ones that make dungarees
I don’t care if those bitches are hungry

I cannot get a competitor to do it better
Shaking the ghetto cadet like it’s a Kendall Jenner
Gentle general genitals semi-seminal animals
Ammo for indomitable and the abominable

Snow man no man’s ho plan Ho chi
Minh can so can you man go and
Meddle with the fists of the medical Pacific and give it
Medals of honour monitoring the God Madonna

I’m anonymous it’s preposterous autonomous ominous
Anomalies on my knees you want a dominant comma
Sonorous economies a condiment a kinda cheese
With a Condaleeza breeze and an anaconda

Impotent filthy a symphony of guilty
Empathy and empty sentiments they’re eating Entemann’s
Representative and it’s reprehensible
Like an epidemic did ‘cause it’s indefensible
Track Name: Mississippi (Entropy)
Entropy enters me
Rots me with the soul of putrid decay
Fat expands ‘cross the land
All my organs made of sweet crème brulee

River rafts of sadness float on by
Old blind men accost me. Ask me why
They can’t seem to please their wives. ‘cause
Pleasure is impotence too.

Entropy on the sea
Oil spilling in to poor Biloxi
Blackened lard, hits me hard
Making all the tumours financially

Opportune for scamming insurance
Bros in Jackson. But it’s dangerous
If the cops find out I do this
Maybe I’ll take my own life.

Tumours and the fat combine to make
Solid walls of rigid flesh to slake
Thirsty maggots tonguing through the
Corpses of my family
Track Name: Louisiana (Moi Aussi)
Talk a big game
Root for the cause
Use it for bleak empty online applause
Make a cool post
So they can see
How you embody progressive ideology and
Never do shit
Stay in your room
Your inactivity spells all our doom

You like to tease
With all you stumbling complacencies
Filter your nest
Filter your news
So you won’t interact with another worldview
And chastise your peers
For their beliefs
Meanwhile doing it for some release

Feeling so classy
Speaking so bougie
Ego so big
It looks like Mt. Fuji
Moi aussi

Pick out a quote
By Dr. King
So out of context you might as well bring
Hitler into
Pointless debates
Watching yourself watching others watch you masturbate
And you’re a voyeur
Of tragedy
Tilting at trainwrecks with ignorant glee
Track Name: Texas (El Gentrificado)
They came to torture us in the night
With eyes of blue and a skin of white
And even though they will displace us
They moved here ‘cause we made it cool
We’re El Gentrificado

They came to whittle us down to nubs
So they could open up gastropubs
They’ve all got Hitlerjugend haircuts
Assault of the glorious fool
We’re El Gentrificado

Buy Buy Buy
Sell Sell Sell
Kill the alien force that destroyed the will of our geography

Oh no they’re giving up meat for lent
And they make mountainous leaps of rent
They’ve got a boner for destruction
And feeling of adequacy
It’s El Gentrificado

They say that we should assimilate
While all they do is appropriate
And we will not absorb their culture
‘Cause we will succumb to their fee
Track Name: Oklahoma (Nothing)
There’s nuthin’ here
There’s nuthin’ here
There’s nuthin’ here
There’s nuthin’ around
There’s nuthin’ here
There’s nuthin’ around
It’s desolate here
There’s nuthin’ around

I’m in the wasted plains of genocide
And shift work down at the mill
Like an asshole
Sucking up to my boss
Like a Mary
Handjobs by the ravine

I’m feeling up the hair
Between his thighs
That’s steaming with an intent
For destruction
Plunging into my heart
That aorta
Plunging into my dick
Track Name: Kansas (Onionman)
Don’t you waste your life out here
You’ll escape the Syphilis dregs of our little town

Don’t resign yourself to fate
You aren’t mediocre like my daughter Mary Sue

You’ll inherit this old Earth
‘Cause you have an absence of feeling for peasantry
Track Name: Nebraska (Insurance Bros Part 2)
Poring over bad actuarial promises
Granting claims mediocre pensioner scumbags
Subsidizing purchases several ATVs
Appeared on a customer’s property fully gassed

Ready to drive now that’s fraud and you know it mister
Face the wrath of my big ol’ rubber stamp dipped blood
Smearing disapproval on your papers like winter
Burdens the land reaping all responsibilities

Patience is a virtue but cubicles doom you to
Wayward glances to the wall to watch the tiny cracks
Slowly eliminating property value and
Crushing the dreams of the man who inherits it.
Track Name: Iowa (Sioux City Lights)
Sioux City Lights
They shine so dim
Bitter reveries of times that they dismembered him

Defecated on his grave and destroyed his property
Persecuted his beliefs banishing his memories
To the bargain bin so get out get out get out till you’re sober
Get down get down get down till it’s over
Peace through extinction is best

Sioux City lights
Such artifice
Truckin’ out to here is like the myth of Sisyphus

But I do it every time reminisce about the past
History I never owned ‘cause I knew it wouldn’t last
‘Cause you strung him up so get out get out get out all your sorrow
Get down get down get down here tomorrow
We’ll settle this like adults
Track Name: Minnesota (Aw Jeez)
Feeling superior and passive aggressive
Using politeness like it’s impressive
Cagey teeth hiding devil’s breath
Smile like you don’t fear inevitable death
Aw Jeez Aw Jeez

Bringing out the casseroles for the little vassals
The attitude plunges in their little pink assholes
Christ and sweaters and hockey and beef
We will find existential relief
Aw Jeez Aw Jeez

Drown your balls in Aquavit
Cut your teeth on lutefisk
Be a man and lick that lye
Off your auntie Ingrid’s whisk
Minnetonka’s vacuousness revealed

Barren wasteland happy campers
Naked cherub weakly scampers
Up that hill of snowbound exposure
His death means we’ll all have closure
Aw Jeez Aw Jeez
Track Name: North Dakota (Black Gold Laundry Service)
Black gold laundry service take it to the boonies
Where they dress up their wares with a spray tan and a two piece
And you cease to be at the seat of these loosies
Buttheads smoking as a yoke to the true beast
So they don’t agree and this shit becomes real
Slip through those bitches like a kitchen of jellied eels
Bringing in the heavy with jackboots and batarangs
Beating their chests like SWAT team orangutans
Break out the dogs and the hoses and the pain machine
And for good measure flogging Moses like the seventeen
Trials styles with the mojo cannon filter
Stuffing it with flowers so maybe you are racked with guilt or

Keeping up the catacombs behind the camouflage of skulls
And scalded with the genesis of menaces the nemesis
The enemies squeeze with degrees to the precipice
Of sleaze and decrees to the blue jeans’ excrement
Cheeseburger heads like Mayor McCheese
Except heavily armed in brown dungarees
The jeers of the agency’s regent’s leniency
Speaking of the fears of the genius’ convenience see
You’ve taken everything and I’m standing like a dank sequoia
You can’t take me away ‘cause I’m protected by eons
Your will can’t be enacted through your activist peons
I’ll feed on your family and subject you to prions
Track Name: South Dakota (Lean Into the Ugly)
Lean into the ugly
‘Cause beauty will deceive the naïve man
Don’t think with your penis
Just try to see the world as best your can

Through eyes of the lonely
The truth lies in desolate pain
Your dumb happiness will mislead
Your ambivalent brain

Succumb to the filthy
‘Cause cleanliness is just a crutch for fools
Destroy all the good thoughts
Hope is just another useless tool

To fix what ain’t broken
Regrets that you won’t leave behind
Eternal sadness is the
Perfect state of your mind
Track Name: Montana (Underbelly)
Our small town is the best
A miracle life for miracle folks
Up in the mountain ranges
Children play in the streets
Unburdened of fear and unburdened of thought
Like an animal

But the local saloon
Will shelter some goons and bikers and Trish
The local prostitute who’ll
Suck you off like the
Vacuum deep in your hear where your feelings should be
You disturbing mess

Yield to the town’s underbelly

Soft and white and exposed and
Vulnerable to criticism
That is cannot handle
Glaring begging the weapon
To penetrate through the microcosms
Of our happiness

Cops ignore the creeps
Take a little piece for themselves and their kids
Because they’re good providers
Trish ends up in a trash bag
Body parts frothing from out of the top
Such is life up here
Track Name: Wyoming (Moonlight Revue)
All the pretty sheep are just a smorgasbord
For my pleasure to explode up in their loins tonight
Some would call me sick but they have not fucked sheep
So I’ll take their dumb opinions but I’m right
Track Name: Colorado (Blue Mustang)
Those fascist eyes glare with resolve
The stallion with an azure tint it has evolved
He rears his head insults the proles
And he terrifies the visitors who dare outstep their roles

The flaring nose the screeching teeth
The hooves of thunder that decimate what’s underneath
His whinnies breach sarcastic depths
All acidity will emanate between his evil breaths

The airport shines with human greed
If only we had a giant nightmare who would breed
With our dark lord whose freezing man
Will drive all those who get lost in it so hopelessly insane

All cancer comes from his blue bones
It dissipates into Denver’s holy mountain homes
There is no hope and no regret
And no conscience beauty or laughter that we could not forget
Track Name: New Mexico (Cactus Friend)
I would like to be
One of you people
Needles blazing with
Sunshine fixtures and
Laughing chlorophyll
Standing taller than
My abusive dad
Cut a piece out of my old

Cactus friend and then I
Fuck the hole he’s not my
Only friend but he’s the
One with soul and then I cum.

More peyote for
Midnight love making
Take your flower and
Hope you’re not faking
Arms outstretched for me
Painful hugs from my
Other body friend
Spiky lover who’s just my
Track Name: Arizona (Sunshine)
Sunshine streaming out my fucking asshole
Sunshine streaming out my fucking asshole
Sunshine streaming out my fucking asshole
You used the sunshine all up in the daytime
Now you’re shitty

I try to make a living
Spin around and want to bury it
Oh to discover a cancer
Vulgar acts
Track Name: Utah (Mormons)
Here they come here they come it’s a black tie massacre
Shepherding the dumb as the venal holy passenger
Gossamer fingers a lily-white dental dam
Alabaster singles with angiograms
And crimes of tithing with and substance
Writ with bloodlust shamed with unjust
Trust funds pungent musks and plus ones
Rust shuns lungs but fungus can cut ones
On your certificate counterfeit plastic
Master the benefits and blast like a spastic
Skeptic hectic ghosts in your septic host
Dyspeptic notes in your wrecked dick

Here they come here they come as the doom on the horizon
With their flags and the smoke and the crimson light arrivin’
And driving the traffic with seraphic tactic
Practically tragic while forbidding prophylactics
And lactic games from the milk beasts on the mesa
Praising a phrase whose rays will emblazon
A false hope with ways to avoid dope and Tasers
And phase to a razor sharp lazy angel harp
Track Name: Idaho (Chunky Cum)
Chunky cum
Chunky cum
Swish it on your tongue like Donkey Kong
It’s chunky cum
Chunky cum
Breathing like you’re in an iron lung
Coagulate just like a roux
But instead of flour
Track Name: Washington (Chinese Guys)
Chinese guys with the Chinese eyes
Paranoia Xenophobia
Track Name: Oregon (Infant Chad)
This baby will rape in about twenty years
‘Cause innocence is temporary
The crying of the little boy won’t mask the screams
Of the lady in the college library

This baby will in about forty years
‘Cause helplessness is every fleeting
And once the little tyke learns of his agency
Then the prospects of the son will be teething

Now infant Chad has come to rest
On the veins of mother’s breast
His malignance comes despite a wonderful love
His parents gave him everything
So he thought he was a king
Deviance, a sacrament to Jesus above

This baby will coo and adorably laugh
But lurking is the soul of demons
His nature is reveled when he hits puberty
And begins experimenting with semens

He still wets his bed and sets fire to trash
And guts little helpless woodland creatures
He puts them on his wall and leaves his seed inside
Just a prelude for his life as a preacher
Track Name: Nevada (Insurance Bros Part 3)
All of my policies are honestly fallacies
I’m facing up to consequences for my resolve and doing
Tons of cocaine and now a snifter of Fentanyl
I think I see the colours of the saint Charles Ives

He says that I should explore my self-expression’s intent
While I can gorge myself on premiums
Prey on people’s lucid background paranoia like a hawk

Arms feeling numb but I decide I can ride it out
Nope big mistake my body buckles from all the drugs
I’m twitching foam at the mouth that’s filled with justification for the
Things I did to live the life of fireside kings all fancy

Wife and the kids will miss me but I won’t miss them as much
Hey that’s a plus for my death
But it turns out Hell is real and I’m speared by Satan’s cock
Track Name: California (Dream World//Reality)
Dream world and reality
Reality and the dream world
Track Name: Alaska (Whale Carcasses)
Ambergris has its meaninglessness
Mammal stew baleen chunks in my blood

The birds have all gather in front of our last meal
They scavenge and bicker ignore the hiding seals
Oh nature your cruelty provides entertainment
Sustains me but depletes the whale carcasses

Hunt’s allowed ‘cause they feel bad for us
They could do more EPA’s done enough
Track Name: Hawaii (Lovely Life)
Everybody loves somebody
Everybody dies
It’s a lovely life
It’s a lovely life

Everybody’s sad sometimes and
Everybody cries
It’s a lovely life
It’s a lovely life

The end is near
And my vision fades
No time to reminisce about today