Scumrockers Local 402

by Jack Dump

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This album is for all you scumrockers out there. You don't talk about wealth or clean things or chrome surfaces. You talk about that shitty, textured crust of reality, not the gruesome homunculus of opulence that some people assume reality to be.


released November 27, 2015

All songs written and instruments played by Jack Dump, except for 'Beautiful Girls' which is written by 'The Adelphi Brothers'



all rights reserved


Jack Dump Toronto, Ontario

Jack Dump ascends into Rainbow Jackson, the caustic Demiurge.

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Track Name: Buttercup
I was alone, my path bereft of starry purpose or design.
The walls caved in and suddenly there was no time.

My mind was blank. The wind was whistling through the space between my ears.
And though I sat there just for seconds, it was years.
Track Name: Scum
We're scum and I think it's okay because
We're dumb and without self-control.
Don't cry 'cause we're nothing but impulses.
Just try to fake a good soul.

All actions are set in stone
And scum was meant to be alone.

We're scum 'cause our DNA tells us to
Succumb to the lizard in us.
Don't think that you're better than cytosine.
Just drink to the feeling you trust.
Track Name: Beautiful Girls
You're the girl with the beautiful eyes, but your eyes are two different colours.
And one is red and one is green and one is blue and one is black.

You're the girl with the beautiful arms, but your arms are two different sizes.
And one is short and one is long and one is short and one is long.

Beautiful girls got a lot to show. They tell you things they don't want you to know.
Track Name: Rational Actor
Rational actor, rational actor,
Try to stay true to the rational act.

Rational actor, your benefactor,
You're bonding your actions to a national pact.

And blessed normativity is what my actions give me.
I cannot deviate from my one and only patron saint.
Roll me like a die and odds are good I'll land on something quaint.

Rational Actor, quantifiable factor
That you're turning your back toward and letting it crack.

Rational actor, should I speak or redact or
Seek the number that cracked or see the evil of fact?

They're coming by the millions, invading our pavilions
And tempting all our women. You'd think their nature criminal.
Maybe all this time my calculations were subliminal.
Track Name: Choose Your Own Advernture
Don't go crying that the space is unfamiliar to you.
Try to be a fucking man.
Brain's compressed to the size of a billiard ball and
Heart's been frying in a pan.

I really think I could go anywhere (no, you can't).
There nothing tethering me to the ground (yes, there is).
And maybe all this time, I'm unaware (no, you aren't)
That the time to go has come around (fuck yourself).

Life is more than just a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.
Choices aren't that cut and dry.
You'll face terror as your soul becomes indentured to the
Thoughts you buried deep inside.

I know that fate is just a state of mind (but, it's real)
And subjectivity can give you wings (what the fuck)
And your experience is yours to find (if you're good).
Then, you'll be free of all the evil things (but yourself).
Track Name: Upstate
I ask for nothing and I receive it. There's nothing to gain
From being cooped up in the city limits. It's bad for your brain.

I think I'll get house and get a dog and get a life and settle down.
I'm waiting for an opportunity to saddle up and leave this town.
How many days before the saints of leisure touch my face with sentimental promises designed to neutralize the inner demons.
Track Name: What The Actual Fuck?
Oh, Lord, what the actual fuck?
These motherfuckers are bringing me down.
So I say, 'what the actual fuck'
To express my feelings on these shit-fucking clowns.

I'm a twelve ton, steel-toed, doe-eyed, jacked up steamship of utter chaos.
I'm a tumour shaped like the Virgin Mary inhabiting the coliseum of your rectum.
I am a dominatrix of a thousand alien tongues sewn together in a sphere.
I'm a spastic tongue ball, lurching forward into your most intimate cavities.

I am a Mesopotamian crystal lamb deity.
I am a sockhop halfway to be-bop-a-lua.
I am a muscular infant baby, twitching as I sail past your jugular.
I am a scissoring lesbian crab monster whose true power lies in humourlessness.
Track Name: Rabbi
I went down to the Rabbi this afternoon.
He said "Son, you're a real motherfucker".

I'm a classical man whose britches are filled with heaps of self-doubt and I try to enlist Jehovah's foots soldiers in a great war I know nothing about.

Playing dice behind the old synagogue.
Cops chase me down a ramshackle alleyway.

Dregs are dressed like a funeral's carving a path through my piece of mind and I don't wanna laugh at their lack of enjoyment 'cause I just wanna leave 'em behind.

I'm shrinking down to the size of a daffodil
As I run through the alleyway maze.

Wishing I was a shadow of an event that took place in the future, shaming the inside of a corruption. Oh shit, a brick wall! I make a u-turn.

Standing up to Officer Lefkowitz,
Maybe appealing to his human compassion.

Nope, he gets out his taser, I make a break for the freedom beyond. All the fat insurrections into my lifestyle by a blue monster government spawn.
Track Name: Night Biking
You go so fast.
So fast that I
Cannot see you.
Where did you go?
Night biking.

You went away,
Too far to go.
I'll never know.
You might be dead.
Night biking.

Try reaching out.
Try looking in.
If there's just pain,
Why did you act?
Night biking.

You've gone to Hell.
The headlights' song
Is ringing through
Your dying ears.
Night biking.
Track Name: One Of You Is Us
I think that one of you is us, masquerading like a moth flaring up its eye-spot wings in a vain attempt to curb its fate.

I know that one of you is us, tempting capture with a dance; pirouettes of ranks disdain as the ballerina breaks her legs.

I'm scared that one of you is us, killing members of the hive, breeding like a parasite; the infection of the frontal lobe.
Track Name: Our Lady Of Perpetual Victimhood