by Jack Dump

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This album is about Cretin, a sad office worker with delusions of grandeur. He resides within all of us paper-shufflers.


released June 18, 2015

Everything by Jack Dump



all rights reserved


Jack Dump Toronto, Ontario

Jack Dump ascends into Rainbow Jackson, the caustic Demiurge.

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Track Name: Terrorist
I'm a murder machine.
Yes, I'm running on blood
'Cause I got a cool hat.
It goes well with my shoes.
When covered in filth,
I happily spray
To the end of the day.
Now I'm cumming sawdust;
Puffing out of the head;
Spewing out of my
Lower intestinal tract,
But I know how to act.
With a teaspoon of tact.
Now it's fading to black
And I can never go back
To my old relatives and

Knowing what I know now,
It's harder to say
That people are bad if
Quivering limbs
Can tell me that they
Can fear like a kid
Whose mother has dies.
Holy shit, you're denied
All the feelings of warmth,
All the brave certainty
They elicit for spawn.
As the record turns on
And the sentiment's gone
And I gut 'em like fish
And make love to the corpse
And breach reality for

Every one of them who enters through
The sieve of life that threshes all of you.
Coming up again are drowning victims in the sand.
Death crescendo.

Keeping up the charade
Is terrible work that's
Making me die,
But it's worth it 'cause I
Don't think that the men
Out here in the bush
Can govern themselves.
Those terrorist elves,
They're coming at twelve
For a meeting with
UN depletion regimes
And it's making me cream
'Cause it's not what it seems
And they'll be dead by dawn
As the record goes on
So spin around a bit 'cause

I'm a terrorist cop
With terrorist friends
In terrorist courts
In terrorist states
With terrorist ties
To terrorist guys.
They've got IEDs
And they're in the Levant
And their bodies are gaunt
'Cause they're keeping it Kosher
As well as Halal
From Abdullah to Saul
In the Tel Aviv mall
At the Chick-Fil-A shack
And I can never go back
To my old relatives.
Track Name: See That Dirty Man
Talking to myself,
Vocalize those thoughts
Out in the street
Where passers-by can
Turn their belligerent heads.
Scream at the crowd,
"I'm off my meds".

See that dirty man
And his demon brain
Flailing about?
I wish the state would
Harshen the vagrancy laws.
Put 'em in jail
'Cause we have cause.

Oh Fuck!
What will I do with all the
Cocaine that I stole?
Should I sell? Maybe I'll
Get caught and go to jail.

Getting me out of all the
Hell I wouldn't miss.
No networks, relatives or
Friends to bail me out.

See that dirty man?
You should walk away.
Soon he'll become
The earth that covers
All of his needle-marked limbs.
Blind ignorance
Is merciful.
Track Name: Invisible Noose
Oh, that invisible noose gets tighter until
You can't fight it no longer. There goes your will
Like a ghost; parasite to the host.

Fuck. I'm a wound to myself that cuts thirty feet
Through the stomach, unbound and hardly discrete,
With stretch marks. Cradle it after dark.

Where will it go?

And social interaction seems so pointless and full.
I think I'm getting to a place that I can recall.
It's a childhood dream
And it's painful at best
And I don't want to leave my house.

Talk like a jibbering ass with salt in his veins
And a wily old face he barely maintains.
All fucked up, booze cannot interrupt

War. It's a hell of a thing when you're at the front
And the enemy's pulling some kind of stunt
To deceive. Tangled web that I weave.

Where will it go?
Track Name: Murderous Fantasies
Murderous fantasies are how I cope with other people.
They let the morning sickness die.

4 AM and the sun is barely rising
As the ray's start to creep on my skin
Bloodshot, like a feeling I have fought
As the beams call the person within.
I don't care, I don't care, I don't care,
I don't care that I been here before.
I'll leave you starving like the maggot that you are
And I won't have to stay anymore

Now I'm stuck, like a rat in a cage
Getting self-destructive and bored.
Giving life to a couple of slobs
That I can barely afford.
I don't care, I don't care, I don't care,
I don't care that I never had you.
Just a glimpse of the life I had led
If your mother never gave me the flu.

Cancer teens on the television screen
As the lady reads the 10 o'clock news.
There's blight and corruption in a country
That's replete with military coups.
I don't care, I don't care, I don't care,
I don't care about the new genocide.
I just want to crawl into a hole,
Put my fingers in my ears and hide.

Drive to work with another headache
From the benzos and the caffeine.
Feels like a nuclear strike
That I saw in a magazine.
I don't care, I don't care, I don't care,
I don't care about the others around.
Let me disappear into the sea.
Let my body never be found.
Track Name: Disassemble You
Half asleep. Half undead.
Half a mind. Half a head.
Have a laugh at your expense
'Cause no one comes to your defence.

Trembling hands fail to sign
What is yours and what is mine.
I take it all because I can.
Does that make me less of a man?

I want to disassemble you and turn you into anyone.
I need your component parts to turn you into anyone.

Your average heart will disappoint.
Your ligaments and all your joints
And all your bones, your muscles too,
Will never truly belong to you.

You pass through time. The flesh evolves
And look at that! Your skin dissolves.
Your pores inflame, a million holes.
They're portals to your filthy soul.

I'm dragging along with a prayer and a song of forgiveness.
I'm patient as hell for a funeral bell to relive this malignance.

Have a smoke. Curl your hair
And I will push your wheelchair.
Does nicotine have much effect
Or is your joy just indirect?

Can you think back to when you knew
That cigarette uplifted you?
But habits form. You're just routine.
You've ceased to be a human being.
Track Name: Hangin' On To Mercy
Hangin' on to mercy. Hangin' on to mercy.
'Cause mercy is what's saving me right now.
You were unfaithful with a man from the city,
But luckily Lord Jesus will allow

Hangin' on to mercy. Hangin' on to mercy.
Trigger finger twitchin' with my rage.
Well I could shoot you, but then I'd be missing
From that spot on ol' Saint Peter's page.

Time after time, I destroy you in my mind
Thinkin' that your blood will quench my thirst.
You never bled when we shared our marriage bed.
Darling Hell, I know I'm not your first.

Hangin' on to mercy. Hangin' on to mercy.
'Cause mercy is the only hope you got.
Oh, I fear nothing, not a shred of reprisal
'Cause I will never let you get me caught.

Hangin' on to mercy. Hangin' on to mercy.
Ol' whiskey is the cure for bein' soft.
Two bottles later and I got a new purpose,
To hold your rotten, cheatin' heart aloft.

Hangin' on to mercy. Hangin' on to mercy.
Rotting in the county jail cell.
Well, it ain't pretty, but at least it's better
Than living in that other kind of Hell.
Track Name: I Got Cancer
I got cancer so give me some sympathy.

I treated your mama with callous derision.
I issued a fatwa on your ill begotten neck.
I've beaten your children. I've plucked out your eyebrows,
But now I'm so sick, I think you gotta give me your respect.

I've killed all your kittens for sexual pleasure.
I made sure that they felt every little bit of me inside.
I ruined your credit, and made you eat cow shit
But since I got cancer, I really cannot be denied.

It's spread to my lymph nodes.

I fed your urethra to Mother Theresa.
I think that she liked cause she asked to chew your prostate gland.
I founded a think tank to make you feel overweight,
But now I've got cancer, you've gotta lend a man a hand.
Track Name: Suicidal in the Morning
I'm suicidal in the morning,
But by afternoon I'm fine.
I'm suicidal in the morning.
Need Prozac, Oxies, coke and wine.

I'm suicidal 'cause my dopamine is on a
Fucked roller-coaster ride.
And how it's going up and down
Will make my brain stem drown
In chemicals that found a way to fuck my morning up.
As such, I think this whole situation's fucked.

I'm suicidal in the morning
Because I'm loving life at night.
I'm suicidal in the morning.
I struggle through with all my might.

I'm suicidal 'cause my doctor says
I've got a brain thing that's killing me.
And it's a little fleshy mass
Of all mistakes in past times
Where I might have lived too fast and buried all my senses deep.
At least today Heroin is cheap.
Track Name: Annihilation
I can't wake up again knowing life after midnight.
Reveries fall behind, holding court in the breakroom.

Annihilation, my only day-to-day routine.
Annihilation. Escape to where it's all serene.
Annihilation. And you confront yourself
Within the holy setting of your dream.

I feel tired every day. Perhaps it's just anticipation .
Coursing Serotonin rush paralyzed beneath the bedsheets.

The flies are buzzing. Their tiny legs
Exerting pressure up in my brain.
I hear their footsteps. They echo through
The empty space of me and you.

The kid is teething. He's screaming loud
And I would kill him if I weren't so proud.
Of my reflection in human flesh.
The urge gets stronger. I must confess.

Shadows loom on the wall beckoning with ragged fingers,
Emanating from the crib, lengthening across the ceiling.
Track Name: Tubes Tied
Try to be vacuous to mask hostility.
Don't fight the world around you.
Just be silent so that they'll ignore you.

Break the funk by drinking on your own.
You've got a desktop cactus.
He's the smartest one of all of your work peers.

Drinking schnapps while on a conference call.
Why did your wife get pregnant?
Oh, that's right, you liked it raw when you were 21,

But since then you fucking wizened up.
Your wife, she got her tubes tied.

Evil lies happily beneath a toothy grin.
Ignore the venal assholes.
Just remember you're slowly becoming one of them by working here.

Social ties are broken easily.
A tidy severance package.
Burning bridges, laughing and revelling in my just reward.

Not enough. Gotta leave 'em wanting more.
I'll get a Wal-Mart shotgun
Puss out at the last minute and instead shoot cans on fence by the freeway.

Stumble home. Kiss my wife upon the cheek.
Thank God she got her tubes tied.